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The Ballad of Flight 007: Death in the Skies


Listen to the compelling journey of Flight 007 in words & Music


Words & Lyrics by Jerry Griffin

© 1983 - 2004 All Rights Reserved - permission is granted to distribute or play this song for commercial broadcast (without fees being charged) as long as proper credits are given.


...a poet and songwriter for the ages - influenced by the singer/songwriters of the 60's & 70's Griffin has a unique world view that challenges each of us to 'question our purpose' for leaving our footsteps on this planet.

His lyrics range from the challenges of a diverse world and reflections on war, to the thoughts of Lovers in happiness & peace. 

The Ballad of Flight 007 is the story of mothers, fathers - and children dying for the pride of empires.

It was a Korean airliners shot down by the Russians then - but there is always another empire - another war - to take its place.

"How many more graves must we dig" or just a few of the words that will cause you to reassess your place in the world.

The ballad is timeless - the words are haunting - be sure and add it to your collection today.



Dr. Griffin follows in the footsteps of Kahil Gibran and is indeed -

"The Teacher" for the ages.

Partial Lyrics:

Listen to the tale of Flight 007 and the sounds are from Hell.

It was flying the skies one September day when a Russian Mig fired away. ..

The trial wasn't long not the jury fair;
the price they paid was more then their share.

Bodies & ashes flung for miles;
all for the missile that didn't go wild...

Truth evades the eyes & ears.

See the baby hug her mother's breast;
the little boy so proud with wings on his chest.

Death is blind and mostly unkind;

Listen my children and you can hear;
bullets bursting round' your ears.

Flight 007 Information

Korean_Air_Flight_KAL-007 - Wikipedia "The Free Encyclopedia"
The Truth About the Korean Airlines Flight-007 - by Alvin A. Snyder
KAL Flight 007
KAL 007 - Aviation Safety Network
Rescue 007 Home

Lt. Col. Novoseletski, Smirnykh Air Base Flight Division acting Chief of Staff to Combat
Controller Titovnin while tracking KAL 007 on radar:
“Well, what is happening, what is the matter, who guided him in, he locked on,
why didn’t he shoot it down?”
Gen. Kornukov, Commander of Sokol Air Base, Sakhalin, and tactical commander of the
shootdown to Lt. Col. Gerasimenko, acting Commander , 41st Fighter Regiment:
“Well, I understand, I do not understand the result, why is the target flying?
Missiles were fired. Why is the target flying? [obscenities]. Well, what is

1983 Flight Data Recorded

Senator Jesse Helms on his last meeting with passengers Noelle and Stacey Grenfell
(from a statement issued to the International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007
Survivors, Inc., on Feb. 13, 2002):
“I’ll never forget that night when that plane was just beside ours at Anchorage
airport with two little girls and their parents.
I taught them, among other things, to say I love you in deaf language, and the
last thing they did when they turned the corner was stick up their little hands
and tell me they loved me.
I’ll never forget that, and I know you won’t.”

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