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Dr. Jerry Griffin

"The Teacher"

Let Dr. Jerry Griffin - "The Teacher" show you how to become the master of yourself.

Self-hypnosis is not magic - but can help you in using the power of your sub-conscious.

With more then 30 years of experience in studying the mind and helping others gain the power within them - you can now listen to the wisdom of "The Teacher" on these compact disc.

Take Charge of Your Life - unleash the Power of your sub-conscious


Self-hypnosis & self-suggestion can help lead to a more tranquil life.  Use the power of your sub-conscious to improve performance, relax, loose or maintain weight or for a smoking cessation program.  These are just a few of the areas in which you can benefit by harnessing the 'power of your mind.



Program Title

Learning Self-Hypnosis & Self-Suggestion for General Use CD


Self-Hypnosis & Self-Suggestions:  Weight Reduction & Control CD


Self-Hypnosis & Self-Suggestions:  Smoking Cessation CD


Self-Hypnosis & Self-Suggestions:  Athletic Performance CD


Jacobson's Progressive Relaxation: CD


Program: General Tape plus One Specialty Tape CD $19.95
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