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Choices: The Irreversible Moment, 

By Dr. Gerald R. Griffin, Ed.D.

Currently, this is the only book world wide that meets the multi dimension purpose of providing a person in need of help with an information resource, a diary and a workbook.  It is written to give the reader, 'something to do', as they struggle with finding their reasons to live.

One of its major strengths, and unique factors, is that it acts a resource for a friend or family member trying to help their loved one.  It is a communication bridge.

It is immensely valuable for a professional to give to a client as they work with them through their situation.

Because of it's value to the individual, friends and family, and a professional, it is a one of a kind resource.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1        A Letter To My Unknown Friend
Chapter 2        Reasons To Die
Chapter 3        Stories of Destruction
Chapter 4        Thinking It Through
Chapter 5        Learning To Relax
Chapter 6        Visions of Life
Chapter 7        Every Little Breeze
Chapter 8        The Beginning
Chapter            Helping A Friend
Signs & Symptoms of Depression
Professional RX of Depression
Steps to take when Depressed
How To Call For Help
Letter To A Friend
Checklist for you and your friend
Letter to a Counselor /Spiritual Leader
Letter To A Law Enforcement Agency
Helpful Resources

Key Benefits

  • An information resource, diary and workbook for the individual.
  • A helping tool for family members and friends to build a bridge of communication to their loved one.
  • A resource for members of the professional community.
  • ISBN: 0-93903-12-4
  • Library of Congress Number: 
  • Scheduled Release Date - July 5, 2005

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Description Copies Price
option 1 1-9 $24.95
option 2 10-24 $21.95
option 3 25-over $19.95

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