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Jerry’s Bio

Good Morning, afternoon or night – as the case may be when you are reading this message

Or perhaps I should say Dumala Rrra’s and Mma’s.

    If you understand that then you know I have been to Botswana (in Africa). One of my most interesting teaching assignments was in Botswana. I joined the in 1988 and was assigned as a Senior Management Instructor at the Institute of Development Management in Botswana.

    I joined the Peace Corps to dig ditches and other Peace Corps type things , but they put me where they thought I could be of most use. If you have never taught a Marketing Class to people trying to sell the chickens in a small Botswana village – then you’ve missed a great experience.

My journey to Botswana was via the U.S. Marine Corps ,   after several years as a Tulsa Police Office while I was earning my undergraduate degree. Anxious to continue a law enforcement career I found myself in Dallas with the U.S. Treasury Department, and earning an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

In case you are wondering how a police officer     ends up with Management degrees and a Doctorate in Education (The University of Tulsa) you have to remember that great principal of management. All organizations are the same – be it a police department, an international conglomerate, or a few people selling chickens in Botswana.

I am Director of Health Care Compliance for Health Compliance & Practices Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   I recently spent 8 years as a Major with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office . I was responsible for the Headquarters Division (Human Resources, Records, Information Systems, Planning), and served as the CALEA Acreditation Manager.  

    Previously I have served as Vice President of Information Technology for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Oklahoma where I was responsible for computer training and I have been a Senior Human Resource Representative for Foundation Health Systems of Oklahoma - Texas and Louisiana.  I also have 8 years of teaching experience as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Southwest Texas State University and Wichita State University.


I have one major publication by a New York Publishing House entitled Machiavelli On Management: Playing and Winning the Corporate Power Game. It has also been published in Portuguese and Japanese. 



    I am currently working on two other books.  Oh yes - I am a huge OU football fan (not to be confused with Ohio University.  Go Sooners .  

I’ve always been involved in computers and management and am anxiously looking forward to this experience in facilitating classes on-line.  Other than writing – which I am presently suffering ‘serious writers block’, I love all types music.

    An important aspect of this class is getting to know each other so we can communicate effectively in an environment in which we don't have the usual visual clues.  Part of that process is understanding something about each other.  Please post your on personal bio - make sure to tell us something interesting about yourself.  You may also respond to each other's bios. 

  As they say (whoever ‘they are’), you can’t learn from experiences you’re not having - so let’s all have an experience  .


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